How to Afford Everything that you Want

It can sometimes be annoying that everyone else seems to be able to afford to buy all of the things that they want but you cannot. You might think that there is some big secret to being able to afford everything that you want without having to earn more money. There are actually a few reasons that this might be the case and a few things that you can do to be able to afford more.

Secrets of the rich

You may feel that rich people seem to have lots of things and always have everything that they want. However, this is not quite what it seems. Some people that have a lot of money have money because they do not spend lots of money. You will find that many rich people are the best at bargain hunting and will only buy things if they are completely necessary. They will also pay more for quality items that t last longer which means that they do not have to keep replacing items all of the time. It may seem like they have it easy, get money easily and spend it a lot, but actually it may very well be that they work very hard with their money and due to being frugal they have money to spend but not necessarily so many things.

Why people have more

You may look at people on a similar income level to you and wonder how they manage to have more than you. It may be that they are always going on holiday or buying the latest things. There may be a number of reasons for this. It could be that they are being given money of things form other family members. Some families like to treat other members to lots of things and this could be the case here. It could also be that they borrow a lot of money to pay for all of the things. If this is the case then they could get to a stage where they will no longer be able to afford their debts and suddenly no longer be able to have all of these things and in fact struggle to make all of the repayments.

Borrowing and saving

So therefore some people may be able to afford everything that they want because they borrow money in order to do so. However, some people may save hard for everything that they want. It may be that they want less and therefore it is easier for them to have what they want. We should take note that we might want a lot of things but this may be more to do with clever marketing and pressure for others rather than an actual need to have things. It is worth thinking hard about what we really want and whether it is worth the hard work that we have to put in the earn the money that is paying for it. Sometimes it is worth thinking about the things we buy in terms of how many hours work we have to put in in order to earn it. It can be a great idea to put some money into savings each time you get paid. Then you can build up a pot of money that you can use to buy the things that you want. You may then feel better about being able to have the things that you really want.

Earning more

One solution to being able to buy more things is to earn more money unless you want to take out a loan. This is obvious but it is something that many people just feel is not something they ca do. It might be that they are in a job where they are being paid a high wage for what they do and therefore feel that is it. However, there are many ways to earn money outside of your job. You could monetise your hobbies, do freelance work evening and weekends, sell things that you own and no longer want or even start a business. There are lots of opportunities if you are prepared to put in the time and effort to do so. It is worth doing a lot of research first though to find out whether your employer approved of you doing this sort of thing and then to consider whether you have the time to be fully committed to something like this. Consider the effort and energy that it will take and whether you think that it is worth it when you may normally do other things in your spare time. Consider what you will be using the extra money for and whether you feel that it will really be worth all of that effort. If it is something that you can enjoy then that will be very different compared to doing something which is not any fun for you.

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